Before You’re Starting DevOps Journey You Need To Know These Basics Fundamentals of DevOps.

# Defination

It is cultural practice in an organization by Development teams & Operation teams to use each other tool , smooth out the process of Software Delivery.

Developer     Testing    Deploying
    Operation Team

and these whole team act as a Singular Team . Making sure that all the teams Understand the each others goal , Not only just Goals understanding each other Responsibility that is DevOps. This is Foundation of DevOps.

# Why should learn DevOps .

  • Greater Scalability

  • Deploy faster-50%

  • Better Recovery time

  • Improved Security

  • Early error detection

  • Production support

*# What is DevOps CAMS? *


  1. Culture: Talk to each other. Always Value People Over Process Over Tools.

  2. Automation: Automation involves using tools and technologies to automate tasks such as code testing, deployment, and infrastructure management. Automation helps to reduce the risk of human error, increase the reliability of software, and speed up the delivery process. Automation is not just a puppet or chef. Whatever you’re doing consistently and try to prefer having Automation. Automation is a good thing but it doesn’t mean you need automation.

  3. *** Measurement (Monitor)**** : Measure To Improve. It's not just about Infrastructure Measurement. There is Infrastructure Measurement that people do a lot but it should not be restricted to Infrastructure Management. There should be a Measurement of the Client's Activity as well. And We extract the data & after extracting the data we must incentivize it.

  4. Sharing: Share the Goal. Share Responsibility, Share Ownership & there should not be an escape goal. The feedback loop is important.

DevOps Lifecycle


Big Overview To Remember

  • People Over Process Over Tools: This Should Keep in our Heart. This is the Core, Heart & Foundation.

  • Continuous Delivery: We want to ship products as quickly as possible, as many times as possible that is an idea behind DevOps. When we are shipping as many times as possible we are shipping in small batches so if any problems come up it doesn’t affect all the users. It affects only a handful of the user & that is the way we roll back if problems come up. And DevOps highly support continuous delivery mechanism that ship as much as possible.

  • **Lean Management **: That means you don’t need to Separate management for the Developers, the Operations, the Testers, and the Network guys. Try to lean up management as much as possible. Try to shrink it down as much as possible so you don't have to take extra management or extra reporting from the operations separatly & Developers saparatly. Try to bring them together to have one management so your Dev & Ops are sunk.

  • Infrastructure As A Code [IAAC]: Infrastructure is nothing, it is just a Machine/Cloud Machine. So it is just a computer (Infrastructure) you are able to let just your computer up on running with just a set of code/Infrastructure that is Infrastructure as a code.

| Terms / Jargons in DevOps |

  1. Provisioning — The server is ready with OS, software and networking.

  2. Deployment — Adding or upgrading software on the server.

  3. Orchestration — coordinated operations on multiple systems.

  4. Configuration management — managing server configuration via files such as ram, space, dependency software etc.

  5. Imperative (procedural) — commands to produce the desired state

  6. **Declarative (procedural) **— the desired state is defined and tools will achieve it

  7. ***Idempotent ***— repeat execution and same result.

  8. Blue Green Deployment — Identical deployment, used as a switch.

  9. Continuous Integration — Build and unit test at every check-in.

  10. Continuous Delivery — deploy on production live environment at every check-in.

  11. Continuous Deployment— After unit testing, deploy changes to production in small batches.

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